Xbox One Kinect Brought To You By Mountain Dew Gamer Fuel

Kinect on Xbox One is going to present “amazing new advertising opportunities.”


Because Microsoft is wanting to move Xbox One into the living room of families using Kinect, the device can – for example – recognise when there are many people in a room, and target adverts to families and people of varying ages.

…Sounds great.

They added, “On Xbox, the ad is part of the actual experience, it’s not something that is outside. The only difference is that the advertisement we have is quite small and not disruptive so people are not aware of clicking on the banners because they know this is a part of the whole experience on the dash.

If you know what the current Xbox Dashboard brought to you by Mountain Dew Gamer Fuel is like, you wouldn’t trust this either.

This Xbox One thing sounds like it gets worse all the time.

We don’t have a used games crisis – we have a Gamestop crisis

The more I read about this stuff, how Microsoft is trying to get around retail, I don’t think that there’s a used game crisis. I think there’s a Gamestop crisis. Amazon also sells used games, but I don’t believe it’s as big a deal to them as it is to Gamestop.

Consider if, somehow, Gamestop was wiped from the planet. Who would cry? Would the used game problem still exist? Gamestop’s MO has been all about the use (abuse?) of the first-sale doctrine.

That puts Microsoft in a strange position because Gamestop is one of their biggest partners. I haven’t been to a Gamestop in years, but strangely they’re still around while other retailers in entertainment have faltered.

I don’t believe the Xbox One’s first DRM scheme was about eliminating used games and trading with friends. I think it was Microsoft trying to find a way to dry up Gamestop’s used-game business. But the market needs to decide to dry-up Gamestop to make it possible.

I don’t understand why people buy used games at $55. My gut says it’s fueled by teenagers who save for the latest games, trade them in for a paltry amount of credit, and then take $5 off the latest titles when they buy used. They’ll take any discount they can get.

Imagine if they waited a few months. Mass Effect 3 is at $20 right now. Would that be the case if new games didn’t have to compete with used games?

Used games are gross, too. They always smell like cigarettes. It’s worth $5 to me to not have someone else’s grossness in my home.

New Xbox too ‘masculine’?

Jason Johnson posits that the new Xbox may be too “masculine.”

And what class of consumer does the new Xbox appeal to? Carmody’s immediate thought is: professional adult men. “It’s very gendered,” she says, elaborating on how the machine’s retro style, which is a throwback to electronics from the ‘70s and ‘80s, is aimed at a male demographic. It seems the marketing department is out of sync with the Xbox One design team, as the company surely hopes to woo females, given the number of women on stage at the presentation.

It’s a black rectangle.