Ikea’s Minimum Wage

Ikea is raising its minimum wage for workers to $10.76 an hour.

“By taking better care of our coworkers,” says Rob Olson, the acting president of Ikea U.S., “they will take better care of our customers, who will take better care of Ikea. We see it as a win-win-win opportunity.”

In other words: Ikea Won’t Employ Anybody Worth Less Than $10.76 an Hour.

What you need to know about hiring millenials


Passion Pit

“Passion” is a word that I think has lost its meaning. I often think it feels strange in the workplace.

I can understand being passionate about teaching children and helping people recover from drug addiction. But who’s passionate about reading an email chain that’s been thoughtlessly forwarded? Who’s passionate about double-entry bookkeeping? Who’s passionate about taking support calls from people who will blame you for their problem with your product or service?

They may not be as noble as working at a rehab, but we still need people to do that kind of stuff, and corporate managers and leaders need to create work environments that foster a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction for those jobs. Otherwise people will burn out.

But if that’s not your passion I can understand that.

The Rands Test: Status Reports

Michael Lopp’s test on measuring how well teams work together.

On status reports:

My belief is that email-based status reports are one of the clearest and best signs of managerial incompetence and laziness. There are always compelling reasons why you need to generate these weekly emails. We’re big enough that we need to cross-pollinate. It’s just 15 minutes of your time.

Bullshit. The presence of rigid, email-based status reports comes down to control, a lack of imagination, and a lack of trust in the organization.

No Dating in the Workplace

At least at Playboy Clubs in 1969.

Bunnies are forbidden to date other employees of the Club. Violation of this rule is cause for immediate termination…Any Bunny who arranges to meet or be met by a keyholder, guest or employee of the Club (either on or off the Club premises) will be dismissed immediately. If a Bunny is asked for a date by a patron, she should advise him, in as polite a manner as possible, that Bunnies are not permitted to date people they meet at the Club. She is also not permitted to give her last name, home address or phone number.