“How You Killed Facebook Democracy”

I’m about to do something I never do: defend Facebook users.

Wired chalks Facebook’s lack of getting out the vote to lazy, ignorant Facebook users. But think about how they got the word out.

  • Facebook sent an email out on a Wednesday a little before midnight
  • a Wednesday before Thanksgiving

Isn’t that suspicious? Why not also send all the users a message on this neato messages platform they’ve built? Yeah, it’s people’s responsibility to be informed, but Facebook didn’t really make a big deal of this to their users. An email? About Facebook? Maybe it’s junk!

…and no, I didn’t vote on this thing either.

Campaign Mode

This Penny-Arcade comic touches on this story I read on The Verge about Xbox Live getting a presidential election hub.

I’m torn between thinking it’s good of Microsoft to encourage more youth and public involvement in the electoral process and thinking that I don’t want to get in a voting booth covered with Cheetos dust.

If this kind of coverage gets legs expect 2016 candidates to run on “FREE MOUNTAIN DEW FOR EVERYBODY!” platforms.