This 15-year old girl figured it out

“I like Tumblr because I don’t have to present a specific or false image of myself and I don’t have to interact with people I don’t necessarily want to talk to,” one 15-year-old girl said.  

I wonder if blogging is about to get its second wind.

Also this deep thought.

Facebook is the living dead: the most popular, least relevant social network where teenagers and adults alike gather out of fear of missing out on things that don’t even make them happy.

You are what you share

An interview with Tumblr’s Peter Vidani:

The Verge: Tumblr is quickly becoming not just a blogging platform, but a place where people build home pages. Is the future of “home pages” a chronological update of what you’re doing? Or, more precisely, are you the sum of everything you share?

Vidani: That seems to be what it is right now — identifying yourself by the things you share. It’s hard to say if that’s the future of home pages, because who knows how long pages will be around. But are we the things we share? That’s a big question. In real life, that could hold up. These are the clothes I’m wearing, these are the things I want to talk about, here’s what I’ve done lately. It might be more chaotic than a chronological timeline on a page, but it’s not far from what we’re trying to do here. I don’t think anyone can create a new de facto way to represent identity, but we can get closer and closer to how we’re getting along in real life.

20 Seconds: Twitter For Audio

To try to get the creative juices flowing I’ve started a new Tumblr blog. I call it 20 Seconds.

The goal is this: every day post at least 20 seconds of audio. It doesn’t have to be great. It just needs to be about 20 seconds long. 20 seconds is arbitrary, but I think is long enough to come up with any hook or other part that is the basis of most projects. It’s also short enough for people to listen to it immediately and forego saving it for later – never actually listening to it.

I’ve never used Tumblr before, but it’s pretty cool for audio. Each audio post gets its own player. All you have to do is upload an MP3. Plus, an outlet like this basically requires me to spend some making music every day. I think of it as Twitter for audio; move the twitter addiction to something i claim I want to do, like make music.

Plus, the audio player seems to work with RSS readers, so if you subscribe to the feed you can get the audio right in Google Reader, NetNewsWire, or whatever else you use.

So check it out if you’d like.