So Like Us?

Mani Cavalieri’s answer to “What should I watch out for when fighting a chimpanzee?

As many other answers have noted, chimpanzees are far stronger and faster than us. Judging from the question details, though, you may be having a hard time translating the facts you are reading about their strength to the visual image of these smallish, furry things.

So let me try to illustrate.

Then a bunch of horrible stuff.

Because you’re not hot

This Quora answer, besides being a pretty good burn, claims that OKCupid is pretty good at matching hot people with hot people, and not people with not people.

Is there any data that clarifies the kind of person who will use online dating services? Years ago online dating was seen as a sign of desperation, loneliness, and a touch of the crazy, but now I think it’s a regular thing among those in cities under 30.

But those are assumptions. What the guy asking the question was implying is that hot people don’t need to use online dating services, so places like OKCupid are filled with ugly people, or good looking people with horrible social skills.