Reason 101’s Reason 6.5 Update Writeup

Good overview on the news from Propellerhead software this week.

It looks like my wish for Reason instruments to be independent plugins to use in other DAW software will never come true. I love Reason’s sounds, but don’t like the sequencer much—with the exception of Blocks, those are pretty cool and what I wish Logic Pro’s folders were like.

Reason 6 – Pay What You Want

If you’re a Reason/Record Duo user you can name your own upgrade price for Reason 6.

On September 30th a Reason 6, Reason Essentials and Propellerhead Balance are released. Owners of both Reason and Record will be invited to name their price for the Reason 6 upgrade.

The Pay What You Want offer is valid from the release September 30th, 2011, until October 31st, 2011.

Owners of both Reason & Record are eligible for this offer. If you own Record Reason Duo, or Record for Reason Owners, you qualify for this promotion. Name your price. Just one of the new effects in Reason 6 would cost an arm and a leg as a standalone plug. But if you’re a student with limited funds, we understand.

I just bought the Record package in February, so…maybe $19, $29?

Record Is Dead—Reason 6 is coming

The first time I started Propellerhead’s Record, after getting over the basic learning curve, I remember thinking “why would anyone ever go back to using Reason?”

Propellerheads must have thought the same thing, because Reason 6, coming in September, is basically Record. It’s all been consolidated and they’re adding some new effects.

Peter Kirn at Create Digital Music has more details.

DreamOn Pro – A Reason-influenced Shmapple Product

If you’re a fan of the Schmapple Store then you want to check out their new software synth: DreamOn Pro.

Dreamon Pro

Kill hours and hours of your free time believing that a single piece of good-looking software is your key to stardom. Then, after months of fiddling, end up with a track that sounds exactly like it was stolen wholesale from someone way more talented than you. But from three years ago.

I really wish there were a Excellantaliser plugin – but unfortunately it looks like DreamOn Pro uses Rewire.