Skim Milk May Not Lower Obesity Risk Among Children

The fact that whole milk drinkers may still end up weighing less than skim milk drinkers despite the added calories from fat actually does make some sense, however. It’s possible, for example, that the fat in whole milk may help kids to feel more full, and therefore eat fewer calories in a day than those who drink skim milk.

Still no word on whether people who enjoy drinking skim milk are subhuman or not.

Taubes vs. Weight Of America

There is an alternative theory, one that has also been around for decades but that the establishment has largely ignored. This theory implicates specific foods—refined sugars and grains—because of their effect on the hormone insulin, which regulates fat accumulation. If this hormonal-defect hypothesis is true, not all calories are created equal, as the conventional wisdom holds. And if it is true, the problem is not only controlling our impulses, but also changing the entire American food economy and rewriting our beliefs about what constitutes a healthy diet.

When a construction worker, somebody who you could say exercises ALL DAY, becomes obese, then eliminating obesity is a little more than “eat less, exercise more.”

Every time I think of this I’m reminded of when people would talk about the French paradox: a culture of people who eat fatty foods and drink wine and don’t get fat. HOW COULD IT BE?!

Garrett Murray on his Weight Loss

One thing that’s important to note is that I need data and gadgets to make diet and exercise fun and trackable. I’m not one of these people who just watches what they eat and then runs here and there. I need hard data to know exactly what I’m doing, to set and meet goals, and because, frankly, I like gadgets.

This is why I think has been so valuable to so many people. Just seeing the graph go down is motivation to keep heading in the right direction. Same with Nike+. It turns fitness into a game.

Gaining weight one box top at a time

I was thinking about if Box Tops for Education have had an impact on childhood obesity. Participating food products include:

  • Batman™ Fruit Flavored Shapes
  • Scooby-Doo™ Fruit Flavored Shapes
  • Shark Bites Fruit Flavored Snacks
  • Spider-Man® Fruit Flavored Shapes
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ Fruit Flavored Shapes
  • Tonka™ Fruit Flavored Shapes
  • Transformers Fruit Shapes
  • Pillsbury® Create ‘n Bake® Cookies
  • LAND O LAKES® Margarine (Sticks and tubs)

And a bunch more.

On Nutrition wrote about it, doing a non-scientific study:

As you can image, most of the food products promoted by the Box Tops for Education program are processed. You can view the participating products for yourself. The list changes often as new products are added and limited products are deleted. Of the one hundred and eighty-eight products that I looked at, 14.3% were healthy, 14.8% were pseudo-healthy, and 70.7% were refined.