Pink Ribbons, Inc

I resubscribed to Netflix Instant recently and this movie popped up on the radar.

I’m always suspicious of cause marketing and Pink Ribbons Inc. delves even further into co-opting of causes to further brands.

For example, Save Lids to Save Lives is a program that donates 10¢ towards breast cancer research for every pink Yoplait yogurt lid you send in. As one of the interviewees points out, if you ate a container of yogurt once a day for a year and sent in the lids you would donate $36.50. “Just write a check instead.”

Also, the story behind the origin of the breast cancer awareness ribbon (it wasn’t originally pink) is eye-opening.

Gonna market like it’s 1999

My friend Chris on movie marketing on the web:

“So um…. while you’re here, there’s some uh…photos from the movie if ya wanna look at ’em. Ummm… we got um… HEY NORM! DID THOSE VIDEOS COME IN YET?! …. WHAT?! … THEY DID! …. yeah um we got some videos of the movie…. uhh.. OH SHIT wall papers! We got wall papers to: Decorate your desktop with! Wouldn’t it be neat to have old Danny Craig watching you when you change? Wait! Please don’t go, don’t go… WE’VE GOT WALLPAPERS!!!!”

I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie wallpaper on someone else’s computer, but I also can’t remember the last time I used someone else’s computer. I think you can get diseases by doing that.

This Fat Guy Loves Coca-Cola Marketing

How simple it is to just blame Coca-Cola on our obesity epidemic than getting our kids more active with outdoor activities, putting down our smartphones, heading to the gym, or eating healthier. We blame world-class product marketing instead of the evolution of occupations that require little or no energy.

Coca-Cola’s strategy here is to say “a calorie is a calorie” – it’s not. If you drink soda regularly you will not get in shape.

Yes – you are an adult. Putting soda into your body is your decision to make. People should be free to make their own decisions about how they treat their bodies. But Coca-Cola1 is not being fully honest. They have an interest in perpetuating the “calorie is a calorie” myth. They want you to drink their product – even MORE of their product.

That’s not something you can just burn off with an hour on the treadmill. Your metabolism doesn’t stand a chance.

  1. And Pepsi Co

Social Media Jargon Jackpot

2 places marketing dollars are being wasted on Facebook from iMedia Connection on Vimeo.

Watch how many transitions they used, I assume, to get rid of “ummmm”s and “uhhhhh”s

Jargon and WTFery:

  • brands
  • fanbase
  • targeted and relevant
  • add value
  • “letting brands do that at scale” (?)
  • “metrics of success”
  • PTAT (?)
  • Resonating in terms of viral sharing
  • baseline of correct audience who’s engaged
  • embracing
  • mobile at scale


Zoe Keating Says Streaming Data Is Valuable

Artist Zoe Keating said artists should be given user data from Rhapsody and Spotify to identify fans and market to them. Keating made waves by uploading all of her revenue stream data to the Internet this summer, throwing back the curtain on artist revenue streams and kicking off a lively discussion. The majority of her revenue came from iTunes and Bandcamp, she said.

But just because I listen to your stuff on Spotify doesn’t mean I want you to market to me.

Sandy Ads

Rather than gathering an exhaustive catalog of Sandy-related advertising, I thought I’d share three typical examples. Strategies varied. Many, many companies helped out during the storm, and some used advertising to show off what they were doing. Some businesses specifically advertised supplies and services people might need following the storm. And finally, some brands just ran crass Hurricane Sandy promotions.

I also received a bunch of emails, mostly from banks/credit card companies saying “If there’s anything we can do…” which really means “we can loan you money at high interest rates while you recover, and there’s a higher chance you’ll take our crapy deal because your basement is flooded and you need our money now more than ever.”

“Dude, It’s Awesome”

Yesterday I received an email from from Oracle. The headline said:

Architecting Business Continuity Essentials for Enterprise Applications

Eager to find out how my enterprise applications could be architected for business continuity I read on.

I learned that I could…

Facilitate capacity planning and performance tuning. And effectively consolidate and virtualize enterprise application environments.

All I can say is, if you’ve never virtualized your enterprise application environment, dude it’s awesome.

Apple’s Free Ride

On Apple’s coverage in the press.

…nobody, particularly blogs, wants to point it out because it’s all too lucrative. Democrats or Republicans look too rehearsed on stage? Let’s pounce. Apple? Let’s sweep it under the rug. Of course readers click posts about shiny new technology—these days it’s the only game in town.

Share Of Stomach

Speaking of sleepless nights, The Washington Post profiles Todd Putman, a former Coke marketing executive, and plugs his new business:

“It took me 10 years to figure out that I have a large karmic debt to pay for the number of Cokes I sold across this country,” he said.

And regarding soft drink markets:

“It was just a fact that Hispanics and African Americans have higher per capita consumption of sugar-based soft drinks than white Americans,” he said. “We knew that if we got more products into those environments those segments would drink more.”