The original ending to Little Shop of Horrors now on Blu-Ray

Little Shop of Horrors was one of my favorite movies growing up. It is my favorite musical ever—no contest.

But I didn’t learn of the original ending until my teens. When I was a teenager I was in this show (small part, but still…) and that’s when I learned that I had been living a lie. The plants were supposed to win in the movie, but Hollywood found it to be too dark. Audiences loved Audrey and Seymour and wanted them to live happily ever after.

Now that LSOH is on Blu-Ray you can watch Audrey IIs take over the world, the way it was intended before test audiences convinced Warner Brothers to change it to a happy ending.

Little Shop of…let’s add a pony here, yeah, that’s more like it

The licensing agencies that be took away the rights to a modified performance of Little Shop of Horrors performed by the Boxcar Theater Company. The modifications violate the terms and conditions that performance groups agree to in order to be allowed to do a show. This report on hints at some of the changes made in the Boxcar production.

I think this response from Jason Robert Brown1 is closest to my thoughts:

The problem that Nick doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge is that the words “LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS” are what sold his tickets. He needed the authors’ work in order to do his job of making wonderful, thrillingly creative theater out of it. But to suggest that those authors shouldn’t be allowed to collaborate (by their approval) in his process is grossly unfair.

I think if you’ve ever used a Creative Commons license you may feel the same way.