What about…the gun? Did you give the GUN a good cleaning?

This feature on Kids in the Hall has some stories you may not have heard before, like how Kevin McDonald wasn’t originally supposed to be the lead in Brain Candy:

“I felt great pressure playing the lead. It took away what I do best, which is being silly around the main person. The only time you see me alive in the movie is when I play the dad killing himself.”

Cancer Boy

On Kids In the Hall’s Brain Candy character Cancer Boy:

Reprised from the final episode of the TV show, in a sketch that satirized the idea of being as offensive as possible, Cancer Boy is Bruce McCulloch dressed in a bald cap, with pale white makeup, using a wheelchair. He relays depressing information with a cheerful smile and releases a hit pop single entitled “Whistle When You’re Low.” Many found the character to be in exceedingly poor taste. Paramount Pictures fought extensively with the troupe to cut the offending scenes, to no avail. The group has expressed some regret over their hardline position years later, feeling the battle left Paramount bitter and reluctant to fully market the film.

Looking Back At Kids In The Hall

Carleton Atwater writing for The Awl:

Compared to other sketch shows like SNL, Kids in the Hall generally avoided lampooning immediate current events and public figures, instead focusing on more broad cultural trends and issues. This gives KITH a certain timeless quality, allowing it to age fairly gracefully. There were plenty of themes they returned to again and again, many of them related to suburban, middle class life.

This is more remarkable now that both of these shows are on Netflix. In 2011 you may have more laughs with KITH than SNL, because on SNL you won’t know what they’re talking about.