RJD2 Protects His Sources

The RJD2 profile on Who Sampled, a site that lists out artists and the samples they use to produce their tracks.

Please note: at the request of the artist, this page is protected, meaning that no further content can be added by community members for this artist.

Probably didn’t clear a lot of them.

On one of his records there’s a Steve Reich Electric Counterpoint sample. For a long time you couldn’t buy that track on iTunes.

“Instrumental Hip-Hop Sucks. Ban It Forever.” by Phillip Mynar

I concede that some instrumental hip-hop is boring. But they put an RJD2 pic in there.

…RJD2, who created Since We Last Spoke, one of my favorite albums, and, in my opinion, not representative of boring atmospheric soundscapes.

And that I can’t abide.