HTML Conversations

Sometimes I like posting fake dialogs and IM conversations here, but I’ve always wondered what the CORRECT way to mark it up is. Should it be a definition list? Maybe paragraph elements with line breaks? I WANT IT TO BE CORRECT!

But, like many things in HTML, there really is no correct way. HTML5 specs proposed a dialog element, but it was dropped back in 2009.

So what should you do? I dunno…use paragraphs I guess. And if you want to style it use spans and other junk. What’s the big deal, nerd?

Soundcloud’s HTML5 Widgets

Also, we are proud to announce that today we are officially switching our default widget to be the HTML5 widget. We also know that our major partners plan to support it in the near future. Of course the old Flash widget will be still available if you need it as an alternative option.

Good news.

Iframes for widgets comes with some drawbacks if you use an RSS reader like Reeder. Oftentimes I’ll see an entry with no content, click through, and there’s a Youtube video on the other side.

“Flash, HTML5, and Innovation” by Steve Streza

…it is important to remember that Flash drove much of the innovation on the web as we know it today. When Flash was conceived over a decade ago, the web was a glimmer of what it is today. Creating something visually impressive and interactive was almost impossible. Flash brought the ability to do animation, sound, video, 3D graphics, and local storage in the browser when nothing else could.

Without Flash, before Youtube, during the days of dialup, we probably wouldn’t have:

Of course all very important in the late 1990s/early 2000s and, at the time, wouldn’t have been possible without Flash.

Stop making fun of great-grandpa. Yeah, he’s old, he calls your girlfriend a “broad.” But cut him some slack. It was different during his time and he fought the Krauts.

Link: A Form of Madness – Dive Into HTML5

If you make forms on the web and haven’t seen what’s coming in HTML5, read this. You’ll get excited.

Things you’ll be able to do out of the box with HTML5 (without javascript) include:

  • Placeholder text
  • Sliders
  • Date pickers (pop-up calendars for choosing dates)
  • Those neat rounded rectangles typically seen for search boxes

Well – some of those might have support out of the box. Some of these aren’t there yet.