Put That In Your Juicer and Drink It

The New York Times examines the rise of the gluten-free food industry:

“I think we as a country and as a globe will continue to be concerned about what’s going into our food supply.”

I’m calling BS.

People want medals and recognition for buying organic junk food and crap like throwback Mountain Dew with real sugar (that is also bad for you). It’s perfect – people can give themselves credit for eating healthy foods without actually doing it.

If you have to search high and low for a gluten-free substitute for junk food maybe the real question you should ask is “should I really be eating girl scout cookies anyway?”

Gluten Makes Me Sick!

Here’s an oldie from Joel about how sick he felt after eating food with gluten and how difficult it can be to avoid when eating out.

Eating out can be quite tricky. Aside from salad, the healthiest fast food I can grab is sushi. (Without the soy sauce, of course). I do best to pack lunches and snacks, and eat at home. My money is usually wasted at a fancy restaurant. I’d rather buy a good cut of meat and a nice bottle of wine, and dine where I can control the music.

Salad, steak and wine. Sounds like a fine meal to me.

If I could redo my school years over again the one thing I would definitely change is the lunches. School food, even during college, was full of dough and I’d want to doze off during afternoon classes.