Yeah, I like my Mac – but if you go on and on like this with the Apple love you automatically volunteer to teach my dad how to use mail.app.

The other thing to explain to him, a recent switcher, is that on Macs the menu bar isn’t tied to the window. You can have an application be ACTIVE without a window being present.

How messed up that is to you depends on how long you’ve been in it. I’m in too deep, man, too deep.

“Of course a writer would like the ipad”

I would say a good 90 percent of the debate on the iPads usefullness as a computer is coming from writers and casual users and this is where I find the debate getting a little one sided. Of course a writer would like the ipad. The tools most needed to get their work done are right there for the taking, you can hunt and gather all day long and it does make a fantastic, distraction free space to write in. I can wholeheartedly agree that the iPad is an increasingly great tool to gather ideas, write stories/articles, and stay in touch but for the time being this is where the road unfortunately ends. For many, including myself, the iPad is still not much more than a high tech note pad.

Link: Macworld Reviews New White Macbook, Notes Performance Over Unibody

From Macworld:

While keeping the same sub-$1,000 price tag and the same white polycarbonate shell, Apple has quietly bumped the speed of the laptop’s Core 2 Duo processors from 2GHz to 2.13GHz and increased the hard drive capacity from 120GB to 160GB. The white MacBook now includes faster 800MHz DDR2 memory than its last iteration, which used 667MHz DDR2 RAM. These updates amount to not only a better performing entry-level MacBook, but also a system that’s faster than the 2.0GHz aluminum unibody MacBook that Apple sells for $300 more.

I’ve been holding off buying a Macbook because I think the unibodies will get a bump next week at Macworld. I’d like it even more if they put firewire back into the 13-inch models, but I don’t think that will happen.

It would be good for me because of my recent G5 problems. The cost of buying a Macbook Pro and keeping my current Firewire audio interface is just about the same as buying a regular Macbook AND a new USB interface. No matter what model, upgrading the drive would probably be the first thing I’d do – which is why I’d prefer a new model Macbook Pro over the old ones, which are a pain to upgrade.

Or I could just get the white Macbooks, but they just don’t *feel* right to me.