Alternate Soundtrack — Double Dragon Neon & Grum

Gotta admit it works pretty well together. But the lesson here is really “THIS ALBUM SOUNDS 80S AND THE VIDEO GAME IS ORIGINALlY FROM THE 80S!”

I didn’t play Double Dragon Neon beyond the demo, but Jake Kaufman’s soundtrack is a pretty good tribute to the original.

…would really like a new Grum album now.

Double Dragon II Arranged

Double Dragon 2 Arranged

I played a lot of Double Dragon II when I was a kid. I don’t think I would have if the music hadn’t been decent.1

These arranged versions of themes from Double Dragon II are heavy on synth and guitar and should sound comfortable to anybody who had a Nintendo growing up — if they can get past the J-Pop vocals on some tracks.

Check out Low Pursuit, which I believe to be an arrangement heavily influenced by Phil Collins’s Easy Lover, and Advancing Towards Sunset.

So 80s.

Track Title Rating
1 Dead or Alive (Vocal Version) ★★
2 Unleashing the Ogre (Mission 1) ★★★
3 Low Pursuit (Mission 2) ★★★★★
4 Night Sky Tension (Mission 3) ★★★
5 Advancing Towards Sunset (Mission 4) ★★★★★
6 Escape To The Forest (Mission 5) ★★★★
7 Wicked God (Mission 6 ★★
8 Breaking The Barrier (Mission 7) ★★★★
9 Entering The Enemy Base ★★★
10 Roar of the Double Dragon (Final Boss) ★★★★
11 Miracle of the Double Dragon (Reunion) ★★★★
12 Rising Desire (Ending Theme) ★★★
13 Dead Or Alive (Edit Version) ★★
Album Rating ★★★

  1. My hypothesis is that games like Double Dragon and Mega Man intentionally used catchy music to discourage players from giving up, but games aren’t that difficult these days so we don’t need to do that anymore