Put The Excuses Aside

Regarding people’s poor financial education.

Listen up, crybabies: This isn’t your grandma’s house and I’m not going to bake you cookies and coddle you. A lot of your financial problems are caused by one person: you. Instead of blaming “the economy” and corporate America for your financial situation, you need to focus on what you can change yourself. Just as the diet industry has overwhelmed us with too many choices, personal finance is a confusing mess of overblown hype, myths, outright deception—and us, feeling guilty about not doing enough or not doing it right. But we can’t just blame corporations and the media: With both food and money, we’re not taking personal responsibility to step up, learn this stuff, and get started.

- Sethi, Ramit (2009-03-23). I Will Teach You To Be Rich (p. 7). Workman Publishing. Kindle Edition.

I struggle to think of a better alternative for retirement savings than the 401(k)/IRA model.