Spotify Is A BitTorrent Network

In Goodbye, Spotify. I knew you were too good to be true:

Spotify’s bandwidth-hogging has been a issue for people in Europe for over three years, and they’ve made no attempt to fix it. Spotify also makes zero attempts to notify users of these practices during the signup process – it’s buried in the EULA, and given a passing mention in one section of the FAQ. Rather than handling their own bandwidth like any other legitimate subscription service, they put us over our caps, and interrupt our work with random periods of unavailable upload bandwidth.

When you use Spotify you are basically a node in a BitTorrent network. This is why there’s no web client for Spotify. Spotify’s structure requires a desktop client.

It’s troubling that Spotify doesn’t make that clear to their users. It’s also troubling that this is what supposedly makes Spotify feel as if files are stored locally.

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