Link: Rage Against The Mail Machine; The Genesis of Letters

Ars Technica reports the formation of the team.

After years of frustration and joking about making a $500 commercial e-mail client for Mac OS X, developer Brent Simmons sounded a call late last week to create an alternate to Apple’s Mail as an open source project. That call has been resoundingly answered by a sizable group of independent Mac devs who have also longed for an e-mail client geared more towards the needs of power users. While the project is scarcely a week old, the app already has a name: Letters.

There isn’t a really great email client for Macs, at least for power users who are comfortable with keyboard navigation and plain-text formatting. is meant to fix that.

The project currently includes a few Mac developer superstars, including Brent Simmons and Gus Mueller. John Gruber of Daringfireball is the project lead. There’s nothing available besides a list of project goals.

I’d welcome a new, but it’s going to have to be one charming pig to get me to switch back from Gmail.

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