iGTD 2 Alpha Is Out

The first alpha version of iGTD2 is out. A 43Folders member has written up the basics of iGTD2.

With V 2.0, iGTD will be no plain GTD implementation anymore. So if you think, DA is the only one to know and following exactly his book is the only way to success, don’t read further. iGTD will probably be not for you, you’d better stick with Midnight Inbox or OmniFocus.

I’ve still got to play around with it a bit (there’s already a 2nd build now), but this may be what makes me switch to OmniFocus.

A lot of applications that claim to have a GTD focus also try to be so general to work with any kind of organization system. It’s silly to call an application iGTD when it abandons the principles of GTD like Contexts in favor of making something more general for people who don’t use GTD.

And then there’s the feature bloat. Don’t tags just overcomplicate the whole GTD method?

Between iGTD’s instability on both Tiger and Leopard and it’s move away from simplicity, maybe it’s time to take a look at something else.

Via: iGTD2 public Alpha is out | 43 Folders

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