How Men and Women Use Social Media Differently

“Women on Facebook participate in 62% of the sharing and have 8% more friends than men. Despite this, 8 in 10 women say their Facebook friends annoy them.”

What’s that saying? Something like “Men socialize by insulting each other but they really don’t mean it. Women socialize by complimenting each other, they don’t mean it either.”

Girl Game

From Beautiful Women Must Try Harder, a post giving advice to a lady for seducing/picking up some guy:

It sounds like Stephen was happy to go all out in pursuing you, putting in most of the effort. You already have a sense that you did not give him the reinforcement that would have helped to seal the deal early on, as you mention having regrets about remaining aloof, even after sex. However, I see some poor judgment calls here on your part within the last week or so that I don’t believe you fully recognize. At the risk of being very hard on you, I’m going to highlight them in hopes that you can learn from this experience, whether things work out with Stephen or not.

It feels like I found the Handbook for the Recently Deceased, but for ladies on the prowl.

Flaw Number 5: She’s Vain

FLAW #5: She’s Vain – I realize this is entirely self-indulgent, but I love it when women take the time and effort to make themselves as beautiful as humanly possible. The 90 minutes in the bathroom before we go out to get dinner? I like that. I want her to look stunning. I then want to tell her that she looks stunning. I then want her to love it when I tell her that she looks stunning.

What I’ve Learned Pretending To Be A Man

So, I’ve been posing as a guy online for nearly twenty-four hours with positive results. I am competing against a pool of polyamorous-vegan-feminist-omegas, but it’s still a minor feat nonetheless.

I have also been pretending to be a man, online and offline, since at least since my 18th birthday. She’s learned more in 24 hours then I did that first year.

Everything you know about women is wrong

Conventional wisdom says women want a knight in shining armor, or at least a gentlemanly man, but this article argues that women go for guys who ignore the manners and get them into bed fast.

The man who takes a woman to bed is the man who gets her. Plain and simple. So, romance is great, being gentlemanly with women is nice, but you’ve got to, got to, got to make getting girls in bed your top priority if you want the best percentage chance you can get with them.

Edit: I think there’s a confidence thing to this. The guys who try to be polite end up appearing wishy washy, but the guys who go full steam ahead like this make it very clear what they want. And that’s what they get.