Pink Triangle

The song describes a man with ambiguous sexuality who falls in love with a woman with whom he imagines he could settle down and be married. However, he soon discovers that the object of his affection is a lesbian who possibly thinks that the man himself is gay. The song is based on a real person that Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo encountered while a student at Harvard. Years later, he discovered that the woman was actually not a lesbian but merely showing support for the gay community by wearing a pink triangle.

Augh! Rivers will be there?…better wear the pink triangle.

Liking Star Wars now is a lot like being into Weezer

Liking Star Wars now is a lot like being into Weezer. Between 1998 and 2000 Weezer fans had a lot to be happy about. Their favorite band was batting a thousand, but now the group has cursed us with so many terrible records that you can no longer call them a great band – they’re a shitty band which was once great. They lost it (whatever it is) just like George Lucas.

Obi-Weezer Kenobi

“And then after Maladroit their tour bus got hit by a meteorite and they all died, never to release another album ever again. AND THAT’S THE TRUTH!”
– Me explaining the Weezer discography to my children.

-Years Later-

Kids: You told us Weezer was killed by a meteorite!
Me: Well, when they got hit by the meteorite they ceased to be Weezer and became Darth Weezer. So what I told you was the truth…from a certain point of view.