Oh, so THAT’S why it isn’t funny!

Daniel A. Gross writes about The Office and the rise and fall of “that’s what she said.”

“My mom is coming,” says Pam the receptionist, before Michael responds with his second-ever TWSS. This joke isn’t successful because it’s witty. It succeeds because it wildly caricatures bosses who tell awful jokes. It’s crucial here that both versions of “The Office” pretended to be a documentary. If the actor Steve Carell had debuted TWSS in a stand-up routine, by contrast, he’d have been run off the stage. But in an exaggeration of real life—a mockumentary—even the jokes can be parodies.

Game Of Thrones Isn’t That Good

I watched the season 1. That the show is horrible is an objective fact not in dispute. No one likes Game of Thrones. What people like is the idea of it. They like the idea of a show set in a medieval fantasy world that is more complex and adult than Lord of the Rings. They like the idea of rich characters, byzantine intrigues, and stunning plot twists. The success of the show rests entirely on its ability to give you the impression that it delivered on all those things without actually delivering on any of them.

Ken Levine’s Notes for Under The Dome

I’ve been watching this show on Amazon Prime. It’s not great, but I don’t know why I keep watching it. I KNOW it’s not really good, like most other Stephen King television series, but I want to see what happens, especially because I read that entire fricken book.

When you read this understand that nearly everything here is a criticism of the premise, whether in print or on screen.

Watch out for book spoilers in the comments.

“You actually don’t want this”

Reddit user exasperis explains why HBO shouldn’t be unbundled from cable subscriptions.

HBO Go buy the DVDs if you want them that bad

Dan Frommer writes that the television industry will still be around, despite advances from Hulu and Netflix.

I also think it’s going to stick around, because I don’t think you can make Game Of Thrones on a $9.99 per month subscription base.

That’s why things like Take My Money, HBO don’t make sense to me. People are saying they’d pay $10 a month to watch Game Of Thrones. Meanwhile it’s $35 on Amazon for the DVDs and $39 on iTunes for the HD versions.

If you want to give HBO your money for their TV shows there’s nothing stopping you.

Jay Leno Is Not Evil

Some proper perspective on Late Night TV, which makes me think I was wrong about the generation war.

I haven’t watched Conan’s show on TBS since it premiered. Now the only Conan I might see are the clips featuring keywords like “Conan” and “Super Mario Conan Set” and “Apple iPhone Conan” and ‘Conan New Final Cut Pro” and “Conan Halo 4 Voices.”

I feel like an SEO jerk is trying to trick me into watching Conan clips on Youtube because it’s always “Conan” and “this week’s hot topic.”

“The Mad Men Fairytale” by Khoi Vin

…I think the larger point may be that the series is not really a daydream that all of its fans share, but rather it’s a daydream of old media. In this age when the old brands that once ruled American commerce are now diminished, and with so much of the coming century feeling unsettled and uncentered, “Mad Men” is a kind of bedtime story that media tells itself about how powerful it used to be.

That 80’s Show

This short-lived spinoff takes the same formula from That 70’s Show and places it in the 80s. Starring Glen Howerton from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia as Eric Forman…I mean Corey Howard. Probably no accident that the main character’s name is Corey, since the 80s was the decade of Coreys.