Rob Delaney Visited Twitter

Rob Delaney talks about twitter on this episode of Comedy Bang Bang.

I haven’t listened to the entire episode, but check out the early part with Rob Delaney. At about 9 minutes in he talks about being invited to Twitter HQ and being asked a bunch of questions about how he uses it.

RD: They wanted to know what I liked about it, what I didn’t like about it, what I felt I got out of it, if I had any suggestions and ideas…

SA: Did they take any of your suggestions?

RD: None at all. They rejected them soundly. I think what I said was like “every new thing you do is totally unnecessary and silly and all I want to do is write jokes and hit BLURP and have people read them. But they were like, “yeah, we’d like to make money.” And I said “Yeah, do what you gotta do.”

He also endorses Tweetbot.

Help Twitter and America!

Rob Delaney:

Twitter announced today that it now has the technology to censor tweets by country. I like Twitter a lot, so I want to help them test their new feature. Thus, I’ve compiled a list of my filthiest and most offensive tweets for global dissemination. I’ve linked to the original so that you can easily retweet them from your computer or smartphone.

If you value free speech, it’s your duty to help get these out there. If you are AGAINST free speech, it’s even MORE important that you retweet at least five of the tweets below to help Twitter and your country’s government effectively test and calibrate their censorship technology.

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