PJ Harvey — White Chalk

White Chalk

Year: 2007
Label: Island
Length: 33:57

PJ Harvey just had a new album come out, but I really really love White Chalk. Probably my favorite of hers.

Via Wikipedia:

For this album Harvey has moved away from alternative rock and recorded a set of songs for piano, despite her lack of expertise on the instrument. In an interview in The Wire she explained “the great thing about learning a new instrument from scratch is that it […] liberates your imagination.”

Track # Title Rating
1 The Devil ★★★★★
2 Dear Darkness ★★★★
3 Grow Grow Grow ★★★★
4 When Under Ether ★★★★
5 White Chalk ★★★★
6 Broken Harp ★★★
7 Silence ★★★★
8 To Talk To You ★★★★★
9 The Piano ★★★★★
10 Before Departure ★★★★
11 The Mountain ★★★★
Album Rating ★★★★