When Nerds Take Over Shared Calendars Will Be Mandatory

In this episode of Mac Power Users David talks about using shared calendars among his family. Everyone has their own iCloud calendar and they share a Family Calendar for scheduling family gatherings and events.

His 12-year old uses it. “It’s not that hard.” he says.

I’ve always wondered what it will be like when nerds take over the world. In this version if you want to go to the movies with someone in your family you send them a Calendar invite.

Could make dating way easier. There’s even that “Accept [Tentative]” setting so that the expectation of flaking is up front instead of an hour before your date.

The changing face of “nerds” (and autism) in popular culture

…it’s not just the stalwarts of crumbling institutions that are so pissy. On Conan O’Brien’s late-night talk show, he frequently makes fun of people obsessed with sci-fi and superheroes, punctuating the jokes with his impression of a nerd from an ’80s movie. Never mind that some of the funniest comics working today, such as Patton Oswalt and Chris Hardwick, are avowed geeks who don’t fit the old models of what it means to love fantasy arcana. To a certain generation of wags, nerds will always be reducible to Urkel.

I still don’t like The Big Bang Theory.