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I listened to the latest episode of this with Michael Tolkin – near the end there’s a good conversation about cinema in modern day life.


BBE: That idea with the relationship you have with the content now, with the active control of the content, rather than being the person who lets it flow over you. Some people think something is lost with that. I know that my boyfriend who’s in his twenties and others at that age who tell me that they can’t go to a movie theatre to sit and watch a movie for two hours and ten minutes because they get itchy.

MT: Yeah, I think there’s something on the way that is gonna be like a melt of one of those glaciers in Antartica. Something is going to happen very quickly that’s going to swamp Hollywood. I have a twenty-two year old and a twenty-seven year old and I talk to them and their friends – they HATE the movies. They LOATHE the movies. They loathe what the movies are about. They don’t care about the movie stars.

Everybody talks about binging on Netflix. I don’t even have the patience for hour-long episodes unless something is REALLLLLLLLYYY GOOD.1

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…the truth is people are overwhelmed with grazing, there’s so much information, that they can only go deep in a few areas, and those in the arts just cannot fathom this.

  1. Which I don’t think Orange Is The New Black is after two episodes. “But give it a chance” you might say. But there’s already so much stuff. Also, how come all the REALLY GOOD movies aren’t on Netflix? I’m thinking of giving up my subscription because I end up just rewatching stuff I’ve seen before because I KNOW it’s good. I don’t want to waste time on anything less. If Netflix has taught me anything it’s that you need to pay more than $10 a month to see good movies. 

Sad-Sack-Sensitive Guy Movie

Tim Grierson on Her:

Critics have praised Her as a commentary on our increasingly isolated lives as we form virtual friendships over Facebook rather than face-to-face. But Jonze’s film also proves to be a cutting indictment of the sort of Sad-Sack Sensitive Guy that appears in contemporary love stories. Though set in the future, Her really addresses our present—and one of its best insights is noting how a certain type of contemporary man, by trying to be so considerate and in touch with his feelings, is actually doing himself a disservice by overvaluing his laudable assets.

20th Century Fox Bringing Its Movies To The Stage

Remember that @ev tweet?

Anyway, Fox is going to try it.

If successful, live theater can be an important cushion for movie studios, whose financial fortunes often whipsaw from quarter to quarter as films hit or miss. As the film business becomes more treacherous because of rising costs, studios see Broadway as a safe place to dabble because the investment required is relatively small, especially compared with the potential upside. Losing $20 million on a failed stage musical seems like nothing in Hollywood, where a movie bomb can result in a write-down of $100 million or more.

Musicals based on movies will probably do fine because of the exposure the property already has from the movie. But I do question how good an Aliens musical would be.

Screw it – buyin’ Blu-Rays

I’ll try not to make this another PS3 love letter, but today I bought a bunch of Blu-Rays. Having a PS3 remote changed the game for me. I’ve been trying to curtail purchases of physical media. iTunes has a lot of stuff I like and I already live in the Apple ecosystem for music.

But there are a few problems with this approach for movies.

  1. Movies on iTunes are often marked up with the lazy tax.
  2. My internet connection is not super-duper fast. If I want to watch The Godfather Part II1 through iTunes it may take 60-90 minutes for it to load enough of the movie to let me watch it the HD version.
  3. HD versions are BIG, like around 5 gigs sometimes. I don’t want to buy extra external drives just for media. Yeah, ok – “THE CLOUD” – but again, slow internet makes the cloud impractical for huge files. If it’s REALLY that important to me I’d rather just have a disc.
  4. My movie collection is subject to the whether or not big companies currently have the rights to distribute that content. I haven’t seen this happen yet to movies I’ve purchased on iTunes, but it’s already happened with music I purchased.

“But what if you want to watch a movie on your iDevice or laptop?” you might ask. I never want to do that. For me, movies are like games. I want to sit on a couch, I don’t want to touch a keyboard. I don’t want to feel the heat of a laptop. I don’t want to hold an iPad or iPhone in my hands. I want to be as comfortable and lazy as possible.

And when I’m traveling I often don’t have the free time to watch The Godfather trilogy.

So, screw it. If I need to OWN a movie I’m getting it on Blu-Ray now. All the movies worth owning2 aren’t available on Netflix Instant anyway. And when the Blu-Ray train passes (already in decline, since some of these movies are super cheap) I’ll deal with that when it’s really a problem.3

  1. The BEST Godfather movie – DO NOT DISPUTE ME! 

  2. We aren’t talking about just ANY movies here. Only good ones – the ones you watch at least once a year. Star Wars 4-6, 12 Monkeys, maybe some Indiana Jones and Tarantino flicks…those are the only ones I can think of right now. 

  3. Bt probably. 

Gonna market like it’s 1999

My friend Chris on movie marketing on the web:

“So um…. while you’re here, there’s some uh…photos from the movie if ya wanna look at ’em. Ummm… we got um… HEY NORM! DID THOSE VIDEOS COME IN YET?! …. WHAT?! … THEY DID! …. yeah um we got some videos of the movie…. uhh.. OH SHIT wall papers! We got wall papers to: Decorate your desktop with! Wouldn’t it be neat to have old Danny Craig watching you when you change? Wait! Please don’t go, don’t go… WE’VE GOT WALLPAPERS!!!!”

I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie wallpaper on someone else’s computer, but I also can’t remember the last time I used someone else’s computer. I think you can get diseases by doing that.

Indie Game: The Movie

A couple thoughts on Indie Game: The Movie.

I have a lot of indie games to play

This whole movie made me think of the backlog of indie games I’ve gotten from the Humble Indie Bundle. Since watching it I’ve started working on Braid again.

Thinking of building a Steam box now.

Artists talking about art can get boring

There’s one section in which one of the Super Meat Boy developers is talking about tutorials and how they teach players how to do things without explicitly having a tutorial level. I like that stuff. That may have been the only scene in the movie like that.1

Experience Points had an episode about this movie. They weren’t so keen on it. They bring up some good points regarding the over-dramatizationatized shots and some of the other, more interesting, stories the filmmakers could have explored, but didn’t.

Lots of beards

And facial hair. I think this is a early/mid-20s guy thing.

  1. This online extra is a good example.