The Love Marketplace

The problem with the modern love marketplace is that the participants assume they know exactly what they want.

Everything changes, including the way we seek and experience love, says my guest this hour. If you think love hurts, you’re not alone. And there are new reasons it hurts, says Eva Illouz. Very contemporary reasons. All the time and options we have, she says, get tricky.

Internet dating makes it a digital market. Market forces can be rough on the heart. Our self-worth gets chained to a very slippery dream. Men and women are less equally empowered now, she says, in matters of the heart.

This hour, On Point: modern times, and why love hurts.

Illouz’z new book is Why Love Hurts.

The Online Piracy Market

Douglas Karr on what we call online piracy:

…I don’t fault the consumer and I empathize with the folks breaking the law. After all, isn’t this just capitalism? When the cost surpasses the desire, the only thing left is a black market to get the product or service from. Unfortunately, these industries grew so big and powerful that they’ve got politicians in their back pocket to try to crank out laws every week to try to stop the hemorrhaging. Folks… this isn’t a criminal issue, it’s a market issue.