“Stuff I Had To Put Up With”

Amazon is having a magazine subscription sale today. If you want an all access digital and print subscription of Wired today check it out.

But you won’t be able to get it on your Kindle e-reader.

The disconnect between medium and content has never been greater. Check out this customer discussion thread, or not – because this is the most relevant part.

Here’s the problem there: the value of Wired is not merely the content, but the medium. Specifically, the visual display of the information in that inimitable Wired fashion (e.g. neon inks, beautiful layouts, fullpage graphs, etc.). It wouldn’t translate to the current Kindle.


Hmm, I always thought of that as stuff I had to put up with.

“How Licensing and Hardware Bottlenecks Confound Magazine Text on the iPad” by Tim Carmody

PDF text-rendering on an iPad has performance issues. Meanwhile, Instapaper, Reeder, Flipboard, other news reading applications, and even the new version of iBooks, work very well on all iPads.

So the argument that iPads don’t handle PDFs well, which is why iPad magazines get published as a series of PNG images, feels very shallow. If that’s the case then maybe the problem isn’t with the hardware. Maybe the problem is with PDFs.