Why Billy Joel has relationship problems

Me: I’m thinking of doing that Billy Joel song Just The Way You Are.
My sister: I’ve never liked that song.
Me: Why not?
My sister: Because he’s basically saying “Don’t ever change. Don’t improve.”
Me: He isn’t saying that. He’s saying that he loves her, that she doesn’t have to go out of her way to impress him. “Don’t change the color of your hair.” That means “I love you for YOU. And if you dye your hair, what’s that all about? Why are you trying to change? I love you just the wayay you aaaaaaaare.”
My sister: But what if she wants to change?
Me: …like she’s looking for something better, so she’s pretending to be something she isn’t?
My sister: …
Me: What about “She’s Always A Woman To Me?”
My sister: That’s a better song.
Me: But it’s kind of the same song. I think it could actually be less of a lovesong than the other one, because it’s got a sentiment of settling – there’s actually a bit of knife-twisting in there.
My sister: No there isn’t. “She’s ahead of her time…”
Me: I think you’re being very selective about these lyrics. “She’s steals like a thief but she’s always a woman to me.” In that one he’s saying “the woman I love has PROBLEMS – but whatevs, we have it pretty good most days. Still, I wish she wouldn’t LIE THROUGH HER TEEETH TO ME!!!!!!”
My sister: …don’t do that one.