What’s the story behind the iPhone’s default “Marimba” ringtone?

It had never occurred to me the crossover between iPhone ringtones and Apple’s Emagic acquisition.

Speculation within, but I wouldn’t doubt it:

In the very long list of Software instruments is the high quality Orchestra Marimba. This GarageBand / Logic Pro Software instrument marimba is nearly identical to what has become the famous iPhone marimba ringtone. So much so that there are versions that were faithfully reproduced in GarageBand where one could not distinguish a difference with the correct filters and effects. Thus I and a number of people, some inside of Apple, have concluded that Dr. Lengeling may have directly or indirectly created the marimba iPhone ringtone on a Mac using GarageBand / Logic Pro. However this is not apparently officially discussed or otherwise revealed.

Digital Performer Released For Windows

I don’t write about DAWs much anymore, but a Digital Performer release on Windows is pretty significant. I think it leaves only Sonar and Logic Pro as the only DAW software that isn’t cross-platform between Mac and Windows.

With Logic Pro at $199 in the App Store, there’s little incentive to make DAW software for the Mac. Even if DAW developers can match Logic Pro’s $199, Apple would take a 30% cut if it’s sold on the App Store.1

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Logic Pro X rumored to be nearly completed

A Japanese site is claiming that Logic Pro X is coming soon with a few changes:

  • Mainstage will be sold separately
  • Waveburner will be integrated into the Logic Pro application
  • No more Soundtrack Pro included

I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s been about two years since version 9 and the past two Logic releases have come out around the end of summer.

Obvious guess is that it would go on the Mac App Store, but don’t forget that this is an application that currently comes on multiple discs to install tons of loops and samples. We’re talking gigs and gigs and gigs of content. IF that’s the direction Apple goes Logic Pro X would be one of the largest applications on the App Store.

Also, Logic Pro X has been the rumored name for Logic Pro releases before. The name seems more plausible given the new Final Cut name.

As for price, I’d guess an App Store distributed Logic Pro could be anywhere around $199-$249. And Logic Express? Say goodbye to that.

Apple Selling Off Pro-Apps To Make Room For Adobe? Nah!

Robert Cringely speculates about the future of Apple Pro Apps:

…why, then, was Apple quietly shopping around its entire professional application business to prospective buyers at the recently completed National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas? These include Aperture, Final Cut Pro, Logic, and Shake — applications that are hardly also-rans in their segments and none of which are antiquated in the least. Final Cut, of course, absolutely dominates the video editing business. Why would Apple want to give that up?

The claim is that Apple is trying to avoid antitrust problems for it’s inevitable buyout of Adobe. Adobe has software that does the same tasks as Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, After Effects –

There is no Adobe equivalent of Logic though…

Plus, Apple just hit one million Final Cut Studio licenses – they want to dump that? Really?

April Fooling Around With The New Logic

Steve Horelick, Logic trainer and Emmy nominated musician for his work on Reading Rainbow, demos the latest ways to use regions in an unreleased Logic Pro, on this day, April 1, 2008.

I mean, it is truly unbelievable. The Logic designers have come up with new ways of manipulating regions that if I hadn’t seen it for myself, I would have thought it to be impossible. And, in fact, even after making this tutorial and demonstrating these fantastical functions, I still can’t believe that what I am witnessing is actually happening. You’ll just have to see it for yourself!