“How U2 Blew It”

Bob Lefsetz:

This looked like nothing so much as what it was, old farts using their connections to shove material down the throats of those who don’t want it. It’s what we hate so much about today’s environment, rich people who think they know better and our entitled to their behavior.

For a moment I thought I’d have to explain to my mom and dad why there’s a U2 album that came out of nowhere on their iDevices – then I remembered that they don’t even touch the Music app.

“A round of applause to the customer”

They had ONE of the new retina display MBP’s in stock — and after that, I had to make it mine. But, here’s another unreal thing — as I was leaving, someone announced, “We have just sold the very first of the new MacBook Pros! A round of applause to the customer giving it a new home!” The store employees…some lined by the door…started clapping as I walked out! (Some other customers did, too, wondering what the hell was happening.)

Bob Lefsetz on iCloud, Streaming Services, and Labels

Who in the hell is going to buy a music subscription for even $3 a month when for $25 a year you can have everything you own, even stole, at your fingertips via iCloud. That’s if you scan and match, if you bought the stuff on iTunes, it’s FREE!

…How cheaply they were bought off! $150 million is nothing to Apple, look at its cash hoard! Apple gets an opportunity to dominate with its iPads and iPhones for this paltry payment.

It boggles the mind.