The Case For An iPod Pro

…I think it’s time that Apple release an iPod pro. I imagine this as a hard-drive based iPod (because of the storage capacity), with the ability to play high-resolution files, and with a digital optical output. This would allow users to connect a portable DAC (digital-analog converter) and headphone amp, and have excellent sound through their headphones anywhere. Granted, you wouldn’t appreciate this when walking on a busy street, but there are times when you want to listen to music on good headphones, and don’t want to be connected to your stereo.

Not gonna happen. Watch how successful that Neil Young project will be, even among audiophiles.

The Rdio app and the iPod App

I know it’s nerdy, but I’ve been comparing the Rdio iPhone app with the iPod iPhone app.


If I were making a music app for the iPhone I’d try to do something similar to what Rdio has done: make the app look and feel as much like the Apple app as possible.

But the Rdio iPhone app doesn’t look exactly like the iPod app. The arrow icons are different, the song list icons are different, and the spacing on the play and track navigations are a little different.

I wonder why.