Near iOS 6 Photos Upgrade Disaster



Me: Hello?
Me: …what’s wrong?
Me: All your photos?
My sister: My photos! My videos! EVERYTHING FROM THE WEDDING! It’s ALLLLL GONE!
Me: You didn’t back-up your photos?
My sister: …
Me: You lost them all in the upgrade?
My sister: I went to search for them, and they’re not there! THIS IS STUPID!
Me: That doesn’t make sense. I didn’t lose all mine. Did you turn Photo Stream on?
My sister: I skipped that part. I’m looking at my photos and they’re all gone. WHAT DO I DO?!
Me: I don’t know what to tell you. You didn’t back them up. You didn’t put them on your computer. So yeah, sounds like they’re all gone.
My sister: BUT WHY?!
Me: I don’t know why. That didn’t happen to me.
My sister: STUPID APPLE! You know, I NEVER upgrade anything, but this ONE time, just this once, I tried it, and it bites me in the ass! I will never—oh, wait…
Me: What?
My sister: It says “restoring”.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Something’s Gobbling Up Those (AT&)T Cells!

I’ve been using iOS 6 on my iPhone 4 since beta 4 and had nothing but problems with 3G service.

Let me clarify.

I’m near wifi spots nearly all the time, so I have the 200meg data plan, the absolute minimum data plan I can get with AT&T. But since installing iOS 6 I’ve gotten 2 texts from AT&T that I’ve been going over my data limits. Since then I’ve been disabling cellular data, enabling it here and there when I want to check something real quick: maps, messages, Twitter. I’ve been operating this way for about a month.

It’s a pain in the butt. Something is gobbling up all my data and I don’t know what it is. I need Little Snitch for my phone.

Today I figured I’d start doing detective work. While out and about I double-checked all my settings in my apps: whatever I can turn off cellular data for I turn off. I restrict everything I can to wifi-only. I switched cellular data back on for maybe 15-20 seconds. I checked the usage page.

1.3 megs downloaded..

I turned it off. I open the multi-task tray and close EVERYTHING, thinking that it would eliminate any background processes.

I try again. 20 seconds later I’m up to about 4.5 megs downloaded.


I don’t know what the culprit is. I suspect it’s iTunes Match, but I explicitly set that so it doesn’t use cellular data. I’m on the iOS 6 GM that was released last week, so maybe that’s it, but from what I can tell the build numbers are the same.

Right now I’m doing a clean sweep and reinstall from iTunes. I don’t even think I’ll restore from a backup. I’m going to do a fresh install as if this is my first iPhone and see what happens.