“Why Google Music’s New ‘Scan And Match’ Is Not Enough”

More discussion on walled gardens, but this time for music services:

Why can’t we have nice things — by which I mean why can’t we just, like, pay for music somehow and have it forever, rather than forever fretting about what we put in each walled garden? Really, what we need is “one big database,” or some other solution for tying music to people regardless of service or device.

This sounds like “why can’t we have one walled-garden, not a bunch of walled-gardens?” Who would control and own that music garden? Who would maintain it? Who would control the standards? Who would improve on it, or would we not, and let it become something that never iterates?

Each of these companies, Apple, Google, Rdio, Spotify, wants to be the garden. I’ve thrown in with Apple, who already sees itself as the internet’s world’s music source. iTunes has been the #1 music retailer since 2008.

At least Apple thinks they have a cultural responsibility. Remember what they said in their Mastering for iTunes documents?

…though it may not be apparent because there may not always be a physical, tangible master created in LP or CD format, the iTunes catalog forms an important part of the world’s historical and cultural record. These masters matter—especially given the move into the cloud on post-PC devices.