Why Comixology Removing In-App Purchases Is A Big Deal

It made shopping easier and helps regulars avoid comic book nnnnnerds.

Gerry Conway:

I’m going to say something that I hope you won’t misinterpret (oh, who am I kidding, this is the internet, of course it’ll be misinterpreted): comics have been struggling in a ghetto for thirty years. That ghetto is called the comic book store. Please don’t hate me, comic book store owners — I love you, I love your dedication to the form, I fully support you, and never want to see you replaced. Yet the fact remains that for someone to discover a comic book today for the first time, he or she pretty much has to be a comic book reader already, or know someone who’s a reader, and he or she has to be comfortable immersing themselves immediately in a very specific sub-cultural experience by stepping through the doors of a comic book specialty shop.

I haven’t made my mind up on this. I don’t see think it’s a huge deal to buy from a website vs. an app (sure, I prefer buying through the app*) – but I buy stuff in Comixology only occasionally and never single issues.

Although, when I do buy Kindle books I usually buy directly from the Kindle after finishing a book sample.

Amazon owns Comixology and the prices are still more expensive on Comixology than they are on Kindle. I’ve read the first two volumes of Fatale. Amazon sells volumes for $9.99 on Kindle. On Comixology the same volume is $14.99.

If I were Amazon I would allow Comixology users to sync their Comixology purchases to their Amazon accounts and allow those coming from Comixology to download the copies of their comics from the cloud to their Kindle devices and apps.

But what if they don’t have Amazon accounts? Come on – everyone writing about this tries to work in how Amazon is a big bad evil horrible company, but they still buy from them.

“The iPad Could Revolutionize the Comic Book Biz—or Destroy It” By Douglas Wolk

There’s a delicate balance between digital comic sales and keeping the retail model alive. The idea is that the comic book industry can find a new audience through digital sales and convert them to print readers. I don’t know so much about that.