EDDIE! What have you done for me lately!!!?

On the Eddie Murphy AIDS bit from Delirious and growing up.

We were too young and ignorant to know anything of the seriousness of AIDS, because even though we understood that AIDS did kill people, like Eddie Murphy said it did, the people that were killed by AIDS weren’t people that we knew or would ever meet, and so, using Eddie Murphy as our guide, we decided it was more important to make jokes about AIDS than to care about the people that were dying of AIDS, because making people laugh, even if those people were just yourself and your best friend, was so much fun, and, hey, in the end, it wasn’t really our problem.

The thing about Eddie Murphy that I find interesting is that if he were to perform Delirious and RAW in present day he probably wouldn’t be doing Disney movies like he did in the 90’s.

We Both Believe In Love


On the origins of Huey Lewis and the News’s Do you believe in love:

When Lange wrote the song and submitted it to the band, it was entitled “We Both Believe In Love”, but was retitled after Lewis made revisions. The unrevised version was originally recorded by British band Supercharge, on which Lange sang lead vocals, on the 1979 album Body Rhythm.

That 80’s Show

This short-lived spinoff takes the same formula from That 70’s Show and places it in the 80s. Starring Glen Howerton from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia as Eric Forman…I mean Corey Howard. Probably no accident that the main character’s name is Corey, since the 80s was the decade of Coreys.

Sally Shapiro — My Guilty Pleasure


Year: 2009
Label: Paper Bag Records
Length: 38:22

An anonymous swedish singer and producer Johan Agebjörn’s second release under Sally Shapiro. 80s synth-pop / italo-disco influences. Miracle can turn into a real earworm if you let it.

Track # Title Rating
1 Swimming Through The Blue Lagoon ★★★
2 Looking At The Stars ★★★★★
3 Love In July ★★★★
4 My Fantasy ★★★★
5 Let It Show ★★★★
6 Moonlight Dance ★★★
7 Save Your Love ★★★★
8 Dying in Africa ★★★★
9 Miracle ★★★★★

Not Good Enough For Cyndi Lauper

I like that song Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough by Cyndi Lauper, but she doesn’t like it so much:

Lauper admitted in an interview with Matthew Rettenmund that she hated the song, which was why she had chosen not to include it on her first compilation…Cyndi refused to play the song live after 1986. She finally incorporated it back into her live show during a 2005 concert in Baltimore, Maryland. Fans kept screaming to hear the song, and she sang it acapella. She has since incorporated the song back into her live set, due to overwhelming fan recognition.