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Logic Pro 8 Rumors

These are the main posts that led up to the release of the latest version of Logic.

Surprisingly, these are still popular even after Logic Studio was released.

  1. Will There Be No Logic Pro 8?

  2. More Logic Talk
  3. This Is What Happens When You Try To Open A Garageband ‘08 Song In Logic Pro 7.2
  4. Logic Users - DO NOT INSTALL GARAGEBAND ‘08!
  5. The Logic 8 Rumor Roundup!
  6. Logic 8 Rumors I Didn’t Mention Before
  7. 10 New Things In Logic Studio
  8. Things To Do While Installing Logic Studio
  9. Getting The Most From Your Logic Studio Manuals
  10. The Logic 8 Rumor Roundup Score

Within Reason

How did one of the most revolutionary pieces of software at the time of its release get secondary status in many professional and bedroom studios? Did Reason fall from the top due to incredible competition, or did Propellerheads drop the ball somewhere along the way? And will Reason 4 bring back those glory days from earlier in the decade?

  1. Within Reason: Introduction
  2. Within Reason: Part 1 - The Conception of Reason
  3. Within Reason: Part 2 - The Birth of Reason
  4. Within Reason: Part 3 - Competition and Competitive Advantages
  5. Within Reason: Part 4 - What Changed and How Reason Shoots Itself In The Foot
  6. Within Reason: Part 5 - Other Shortcomings
  7. Within Reason: Part 6 - A Reason To Believe