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Link: High-Five Thursday

All the cool stuff happened after graduation.

Just before the semester ended at SUNY Potsdam, some students got together for what’s become a kind of ritual. Standing outside the student center, they cajole their classmates into a mix of interactive street theater and community building. It lasts for only a moment and it’s today’s [...]

Just call me Mr. Butterfingers

This is probably the best part of the movie:

Emo: There’s only a few simple principles you must bear in mind before attempting to operate a sophisticated piece of machinery, like this… [PAUSE] Al: …table saw.

If somebody corrects me in the most obvious, simplest way this is the face I make at them – but only if I [...]

Particularly for a post-Thanksgiving Monday

Context here.

Mad Men and The Office Intersect

Rich Sommer is the guy who plays Harry Crane on Mad Men.

Rich Sommer is also the guy who played Alex, the guy who Pam hung out with in New York City, on The Office.

Had Mad Men not have taken off I think the plot of The Office would be very different today.

Alaska Sucks

No matter who does your cell-phone service it’s clear that it sucks to live in Alaska.

Via: In Escalating War Against Verizon, AT&T Is Getting Tone Deaf — and Outflanked | Epicenter |

5 Words I Don’t Think I Ever Want To Hear Again

Synergy Finalize Leverage Timeframe Locusts

That’s just my style.

I find your indifference towards swords suspicious

From Cautionary Tales of Swords – Episode 3

Yes – because they’re almost exactly alike!

Linked: Wired’s article about Vaccines and Autisim

I enjoyed this article about the anti-vaccination movement.

What’s interesting to me is just how similar this debate is to global-warming. Among scientists there appears to be no debate. In both areas there is a small group of people that are skeptical and hold enough influence to sway people the other way.

I’ve never paid much attention [...]

The only time Jason speaks

I always thought it would be hilarious if the only time Jason Vorhees ever spoke was during this scene in Freddy Vs. Jason when this container looks like it hits him in the balls.

It actually looks like it hits him in the bottom of his stomach.