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Some cleaning up

You may have noticed this site has been scaled way back. I admire sites that focus on the content and don’t have a lot of visual clutter. So I changed the theme to reflect that.

Part of that was because of this, where the author makes a case for refocusing on writing, which is why these [...]

Switching Hosts

I plan on switching hosts this weekend, so bear with me.

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Everything went alright. Even rocking a new theme.

Back to the old theme

If you’ve been reading the RSS/Atom feed, you wouldn’t have noticed that I changed my theme recently. Today I changed it back.

Web design is kind of a funny thing these days, especially if you get most of your internet reading material through feeds. Design should help you navigate and read content. If you’re a heavy [...]

Why My Blog Is Currently Anemic

It was May 2005 when I first started BBAH.

A few things happened around that time. For starters, while I graduated college in December ‘04, most of my friends graduated in May ‘05. There really wasn’t anything like a Facebook 3 1/2 years ago (and I hate MySpace, so that was out), so starting a blog [...]

I haven’t died

It’s been about a month since I’ve written anything for I had no intention of taking a 43 Folders style hiatus – but in September I thought I’d stop talking about music, Logic Pro, etc and get back to it.

So I decided I would try to dedicate 1 hour each day to learn something [...]

September 2008 Posts Roundup

From the previous month:

How Do Movies Get Made: 30 Days of Night Lovin’ The Amazon MP3 Store: The AAC/MP3 Argument Lovin’ The Amazon Music Store: Passive-Aggressive DRM

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August 2008 Posts Roundup

Happy Labor Day folks.

Here’s a selection of entries from Barbarism Begins at Home from August 2008:

Sign In To Get Personalize Recommendations Classical Music Needs a Gary Vaynerchuk Writing Chord Progressions Is Like Playing Killer Instinct The iTunes “Last Chance” Playlist microKorg Editing – Hardware Synth Software is BLAH

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July 2008 Posts Roundup

From the previous month:

Deastro – Light Powered CRM Magazine Doesn’t Know What a Podcast Is People Rocking Out To Final Fantasy on Youtube Wallpaper. – T.Rex Being Afraid of Failure Doesn’t Help Music Sharing on Pownce [...]

June 2008 Posts Roundup

From the past month:

Music Podcasters — PLEASE Use Chapters Classic Synth Sound Design: Abacab Coldplay and Indie Band Independently Come Close To The Same Radio-Friendly Melody

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May 2008 Posts Roundup

From the past month:

Pownce Vs. Twitter What Do Rick Astley and Chrono Trigger Have In Common? Powerpoint Encourages Bad Presentations iTunes and Last.FM – Getting The Best of Both Worlds with iScrobbler

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