I’m going away this weekend so that I can graduate.

I’ve had my degree since December, but it feels empty without a ceremony…which is kind of weird I suppose. My high school class was really small so everyone knew each other. This time around it’ll be some acquaintances and a few close friends. It’s very similar to my high school graduation, except this time around there’s going to be hundreds of people I don’t know.

At first I didn’t really care about the ceremony. I thought about it more after my original decision. I live close by, it’d be a nice cadence. Why not?

PS3 and Audio

You know what I think it’s got going for it that’s going to be good is that it plays DVD-Audio and SACDs. The PS2 jump started DVD sales, it’ll do the same with DVD-A and SACD, and high resolution audio may become more mainstream earlier than anticipated.

Xbox Live is buggy

It has this one consistent problem with ALL the games I’ve played on it. They all lack players with sportsmanship. When are they going to release a patch that adds decency and a friendly environment? It’s disgusting how negative people are on it.

I would’ve wrote this essay, but others have already done so.

My dance band

I want to start an alternative dance band so bad. I would actually perform songs like “Rock Your Body” with this band. Seriously. Sounds like fun.

Inquire inside. Erasure fans need not apply.

It’s sad because people don’t think that around this area it’d work. My logic is that people like to have a good time and dance to a beat. And as cheesy as the songs could be the guys wouldn’t mind after they see all the women dancing.

The New Logic

Logic 7.1 was released about a month ago. I hadn’t realized it until about last week or so. Apparently everyone already jumped on it because when it first was released orders were delivered in a matter of days. Now, it says to expect 2-3 weeks for delivery.

It’s kind of annoying because they charge $20 for the update, but it should be worthwhile for a few reasons: • Generally speedier performance. • Plugin Delay Compensation. I’ve never really had a problem with this, but it’s still good to see. • New synths, basically bringing the synth’s into sync with what’s offered in Garageband 2.

What’s really amazing to me though is how much more streamlined they’ve made Apple Loops. Apple Loops can be found by the packs they are in alongiside genre, etc. You can now easily find your own created Apple Loops.

Oh yeah, it’s easier to actually create your own Apple Loops, too. In 7.0 it was pretty simple. You can bounce your loop to disk and open it in the Apple Loop Utility. It’d automatically tag the transients and all you’d have to do is add the genre and other information. Now, it all occurs directly in Logic (I think).

It’ll also create Apple Loops from REX files (a godsend for Reason users who like to work in Logic) when you drag a Rex loop into the Arrange window. Using the Project Manager you can also batch convert Rex files. Of course, one thing I like about the Rex files is how you can trigger the slices…but I rarely use this with the Dr. Rex in Reason. Still, it’s a good way to add life to a typical loop.

What’s also great is that any audio recorded into a Logic 7.1 project will AUTOMATICALLY FOLLOW TEMPO AND KEY CHANGES!!! They aren’t apple loops, but they follow the tempo (it only occurs in the parent song file). If you’ve got a great take but want to change your key and tempo you no longer have any worries.

What’s awkward though is just how soon that this update has come out. Logic 7 arrived in October. It’s not even a year and we’re already charging for an update? Granted, it’s not a huge price to pay, but it would’ve been better if Apple included these bug fixes the first time around. Plus, are we going to have to pay for an update everytime a new Garageband is released? If anything I’ll be glad to see the new features brought on every January after a new iLife is announced.

Many people had a problem with Apple buying Emagic. The support for Logic now is insane, it costs something like $1000 to ask a question (thankfully there are many forums to visit). I’ve been with Logic since version 6 (on the cusp of the release in 2003), and that version had this awkward feel in OSX. Hardly anything had been released on OSX as far as audio workstations went, and when they were it was full of bugs. The EXSP24 in Logic Audio 6 promised Soundfont conversion in a future release. Emagic didn’t deliver until well into 2004. Besides, people were reluctant to beta test new OSX software with their projects and decided to rather stay in OS9. Now that Logic is part of Apple’s pro software line, I expect it to get alot more attention.

As long as the updates are worthwhile and the program becomes more efficient I won’t mind paying a modest update. Now, if only those G5s would go down in price…


A nice short conversation with Mr. Tourville:

Jim: did I show you the sandstorm photo? Dan: i don’t know. if it isn’t on your blog i haven’t seen it Jim: Dan: is that you Jim: yeah, at around 7am, with the sun up. i’m tired of sand getting on my teeth hehe Dan: yuck Dan: no wonder they pray so much over in the middle east Jim: honestly i have no idea why anyone would ever want to live here. Jim: no booze, no skin showing, servants that are like slaves, total suppresion of women. Jim: oh and no booze Dan: it’s ungodly Jim: haha

Xbox 360

News of the new Xbox broke out last night, and although I’m not ecstatic about it, I find the following interesting.

It will have three (or at least a multiple core) 3.2ghz IBM PowerPC processors.

Why is it that we can get this kind of power into the next Xbox now, but we can’t get it into creative professional machines?

Michel Gondry

I Netflixed a DVD of work from Michel Gondry. Before he gained mainstream recognition through Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind he used to do music videos.

In a time when the music industry is criticized for being bland and unoriginal, it’s great to see videos particularly like these. One of the things that is common in these videos is something that, for lack of a better term, I’m going to call “visual rhythm”. For example, he did a video of Star Guitar by The Chemical Brothers. It’s really interesting because camera is from the point of view of a train, as if it were attached on the outside. But, the objects passing outside are IN SYNC with the beat of the song. A kick drum is represented by a gate, and a snare is represented by a barrel or something. So, if you hear a string of 16th note snares, you SEE a string of barrels roll across the screen.

There’s also a video of Daft Punk’s Around The World. People tend to hate this song because of it’s incessant “Around the world, Around The Worlllird” vocals. But Gondry’s video is really fun because each group of dancers is assigned a part. The stage is this round thing, the back is elevated. So there are stairs…like a Q*Bert board without cubes. So, you see dancers do the bass line by climbing the stairs on the left slowly and then rushing down the stairs on the right.

The best thing that I’ve seen is video of Gondry getting out of a bathroom stall, washing his hands, and from the stall emerges a giant turd who is none other than MR. DAVID CROSS!! The turd chases Gondry asking “Why did you try to murder me?!”

I’ve got to watch the rest of this. There are two sides, this is only Side A.