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Link: The Doctor Won’t See You Now

Newsweek reports on the shortage of Primary-Care doctors in the United States:

If every American went to one of these doctors regularly, health-care costs might come down as much as 5.6 percent a year, saving $67 billion, according to one estimate. Yet we don’t have nearly enough doctors to make that happen, and fewer [...]

Link: “Enough of that shit.”

Billboard reports that Apple is not happy with labels working with Amazon to promote new releases.

In exchange for a Daily Deal promotion on a new album, Amazon has been asking labels to provide it with a one-day exclusive before street date and such digital marketing support as a banner ad on an artist’s [...]

Link: Metroid: Other M — Humanizing Samus Aran

Nintendo of America Localization Producer Nate Bihldorff on developing the narrative of Samus Aran:

It’s more that there’s always been in [Super Metroid director Yoshio] Sakamoto-san’s head a big story and a big background for Samus. You can take a look at some of the manga, which isn’t necessarily related [...]

Dvorak on iPhone

, originally uploaded by The Whitest Kid U’Know.

Must be hacked.

Dvorak FFFFUUUUU on Apple Aluminum Keyboard

Today I decided I would finally convert my Apple Aluminum keyboard to Dvorak. I did this before with my Macbook Pro. It was the most frightening thing I’ve ever done on a computer since fright videos that ask you to turn up your volume. Or Goatse.

This was a lot easier to do on previous designs. [...]

Link: Mark Zuckerberg Will Personally Hack Your Facebook Account

I don’t know about Gawker’s headline, but this article goes through some old chat logs to show that Zuck might be a sleaze ball.

On developing ConnectU, a similar project, alongside Facebook:

Mark and this friend also had the following IM exchange about how Mark planned to resolve the competing projects: [...]

How Important Is SEO Really?

I think it’s not as important as it’s made out to be.

Windows Email Software

You might think Outlook, or maybe Thunderbird, but instead you get:

Operating System Company

Surely Microsoft would be at the top of the list, right?

Really Awesome Music To Dance To

!!! doesn’t come up, neither does Crazy P (the UK’s best kept secret, btw)

Incredibly cheap [...]

Gmail Sucks at Plain-Text

You’d think that Google, a company that’s run by nerds, would appreciate that plain-text emails should have monospaced fonts and a limited line width.

Instead plain text emails look the same as rich format emails in Gmail. So when you write an email like this in plain-text in a way meant to convey a quote:

And resize [...]

Congratulations To Joel / Why don’t you want to get married?

Congratulations to Joel. He got engaged.

I met Joel through BBAH. He left some comments, emailed me, and we hit it off as casual friends. I’ve never met him in person, but he seems to be a pretty smart, no bullshit kind of guy.

On his post about his engagement, and why his marriage is happening so [...]

Journey To Silius – Terminated

Anyone else remember how badass this was?

Journey To Silius is a sidescrolling shooter from 1990. I don’t remember the plot much. You were basically a dude and you ran around and shot things, usually robots.

It is hard. It also had some cool tunes.

This guy on Youtube wants to play one for you.

More interesting is that [...]