“…there is no ‘music business’. There’s music organized crime.”

David Masciotra profiles Live From Daryl’s House, Daryl Hall’s internet music show.

“I got a very cold reception from all the networks I pitched,” Hall said. “One told me the show was too smart for TV, and another wanted to turn it into a contest like American Idol. They said, ‘the show has to have an ending.’ It’s moron thinking. So, the show could have only started on the Internet, in its truth-telling, honest way, and Palladia was the first to say, ‘We like the show just how it is. Don’t change a thing. It’s been very successful for them and me.”

I bet that won’t work in 30 years. Hall & Oates was all over the radio back in the ’80s. Whether you hate or love them, you know their songs. Today’s listenership is highly segmented. We don’t have a Hall & Oates anymore.