“Shenmue and the rise of lonelycore games”

I remember how much I looked forward to this game. Now, about 15 years later, I avoid open-world games.

In Mad Men this past season, an IBM 360 arrives at the office. Computers, it is promised, will revolutionize the way business is done and the way we live our lives. The ad agency is sold this line: “The IBM 360 can count more stars in a day than any man can count in a lifetime.”

Don Draper, everyone’s favorite womanizing philosopher and deadbeat dad, elicits this flowery sentiment: “What man laid on his back and thought of a number?” Well, everyone in Shenmue’s Kanagawa Prefecture: Suzuki says the rain and snow in the game were algorithmically generated.

All this thought went into weather patterns, but not into gameplay elements that led to about an hour walking around town asking people if they knew where you could find some sailors.

Also, Don Draper is a deadbeat dad?

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