iOS’s Storage Problem

This article is helpful and will hopefully at some point be unnecessary.

The problem, fellow nerds and geeks, is that we already know all this stuff. But the people in my family with tons of photos and videos on their phones don’t, and you can’t really explain it to them.

They don’t use iTunes – they synced music they like one time years ago (probably from someone else’s library) and then go to Pandora (but the idea of deleting all that music they never listen to? You may as well suggest they eat their kids if they’re starving.) iTunes Match? I love it. They have no idea what it is. And for $25 a year they’ll just stick with Pandora.1

Offload the camera roll? Where to? Some computer running Windows Vista that they never turn on anymore?

I use iPhoto and still think it’s weird that even though I have Photo Stream enabled I need to manage and delete duplicate photos on my camera roll.

Delete iMessages? They don’t even know what an iMessage is. They don’t have to delete messages from any of the other messaging apps they use.

I consider myself a pretty savvy Mac and iOS user and after seven generations some of this stuff still feels wonky. I know how to work around it…they don’t.

I’m surprised at the adoption rates Apple touts in their keynotes. Getting people in my family, non techies, to update their apps and iOS software is like pulling teeth…because it is. Delete all these memories and moments from my life for some bug fixes? Never. Besides, they like having this stuff on their phones so they can look at them.

  1. And why still use Pandora after iTunes Radio? Because they don’t understand iTunes Radio. They understand Pandora’s thumbs-up and thumbs-down model.