grow smart.

Spotted this ad in the July/August 2014 issue of The Atlantic.

Seedless Watermelon Brought to you by Monsanto

Thanks to advances in traditional breeding, Monsanto has developed new seedless varieties of watermelon that still deliver the classic, sweet watermelon flavor. It’s just one way we’re creating better food choices for a growing planet. Innovation has never tasted so delicious.

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Come on guys, they don’t sound so bad. It’s a growing planet and we’re gonna need to engineer food so we don’t have to eat any soylent green.

At the risk of sounding like an apologist, are people’s problems with Monsanto – the ones I read about from naturalist-type friends on Facebook, because Monsanto is EVIL or because Monsanto does everything they can to protect themselves within a broken system of patent law? If it wasn’t them, it would be somebody else.

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