TechInch Reviews OmniOutliner 4

When a plain-text document is too little, and a spreadsheet too much, OmniOutliner’s the app you need. You’ll turn to it for simple budgets, project overviews, book drafts, basic databases, and lists of the mundane things in your life, and it’ll work great for all of those. There’s really nothing else like it.

I upgraded to OmniOutliner 4 immediately.

I actually ENJOY writing my thoughts in it. It’s so easy to jot down ideas, navigate documents, outline some kind of project plan, or create any sort of document that someone might create in Excel because of its tables.

The only problem with OmniOutliner is that it’s cumbersome to share documents. As the only Mac user in the office I find myself making plans in OmniOutliner and then exporting them to PDF for others to see. I wish I could just copy and paste them into an email without any sort of markup or image attachments.1

When I do meeting agendas I typically write those in Byword with multimarkdown, export that to HTML, and then copy and paste that into an email and/or calendar invite.2 I’d rather do them in OmniOutliner.

  1. One can export to HTML, but it outputs the document to a folder with images and an HTML file. 

  2. It’s 2014. Why doesn’t support rich text? It’s the same problem iTunes and has