“If anyone from Apple is listening…”

iTunes Guy Kirk McElhearn on this Macworld podcast (paraphrasing):

Come on – Amazon does 250,000 tracks in the cloud. You can’t do better than Amazon?

My trick for getting around the limit is to delete anything I don’t think I need in the cloud from a computer other than my main iTunes library. That way it takes the music off the cloud, but leaves it in my main iTunes library. When/if Apple lifts this limit I’ll be able to add those tracks I removed from iCloud as they were before they were purged.

If that sounds complicated, it kinda is. I shouldn’t have to deal with it. And if your criticism is “well your iTunes music library shouldn’t be so big” the reason it’s that big is because I use iTunes. People with big libraries are big music fans, which is why iTunes still exists.

Otherwise we’d all be on Spotify.