What price is heroin this holiday season?

The economics of drugs in Upstate New York:

A rock of crack cocaine the size of a pencil eraser costs $40 to $50 in the north country. In Syracuse it can be had for half that amount. In New York City? Fuggedaboutit. $5 a rock.

That difference in price provides an incentive for dealers to travel north to peddle their wares.

Prescription pills like hydrocodone go for $5 to $10 apiece in the north country, depending on the dosage, Chris said. Strangely enough, the price of marijuana has increased. At $200 to $250 an ounce, it’s “quite expensive,” Chris said.

Meth is a little bit harder to come across for the casual shopper. It’s mostly cooked in makeshift labs by hardcore users who then sell it to a small circle of friends, Chris said.

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