Podcasts.app’s horrible show notes formatting

“Where can people go for show notes?” You often hear on podcasts.

You should just TAP for show notes. Where should people go for show notes? Just tap the screen or click the “Show Info” button in iTunes.

Rich show notes, poor formatting.

Problem is, Apple’s iOS Podcast app strips all formatting from this details screen. You can write richly detailed notes with headers, hyperlinks…you know, HTML, and it comes out looking like this.

Why would they do this? Is it a security thing? That doesn’t make sense – Safari shows you any HTML on the web. How is this any different?

It’s not much better in iTunes. Here’s the standard Show Info view. It isn’t the same show, but you can bet that you see a plain-text type view instead of properly rendered HTML.

iTunes Show Info

My bet is that extensive show notes are an anomaly. When iTunes podcasting support was originally added shows didn’t put much effort into extensive notes, so they didn’t bother with HTML formatting. But today it’s different – we have richly detailed, and HELPFUL, show notes, except Apple never updated the way they’re rendered.

Between stuff like this, and the poor syncing between iTunes and iOS (although iOS-to-iOS appears to be much more reliable), podcasts.app still has a ways to go.

It’s strange, because Apple was a pioneer here. They have the best way to discover podcasts and arguably the worst way to listen to them.