Guys Night

Bill McMorris, opening this article about male friendship:

I got a telephone in my room right when “Boy Meets World” was getting big. I saw the characters chatting on the phone daily and mistook a studio cost-cutting device for how friends interacted. So I grabbed the school directory and called up my best friend at the moment, Sean.


“Hey, it’s Billy”


The call was over in seconds.

I went through something similar. I grew up with two older sisters who were constantly on the phone at night. In my early teens I thought this was the expected behavior for guy friends. It always resulted in short, awkward conversations.

While my sisters could seemingly make a conversation go on for hours, me and my friends had problems making one go on for more than a few minutes. After a while we didn’t bother. We’d see each other in school the next day.

Now I barely use the phone. However, I like the idea of a cigar night.

Read the entire article for an idea of how male friendship differs from female friendship. I like hanging out with my friends, but if they’re just gonna come over and do nothing then what’s the point? Let’s drink and smoke,1 call each other horrible names, make jokes at each other’s expense. But no ladies, because yes – we can’t be our horrible selves around them.

Some friends and I tried the 21st century version of this years ago by declaring Wednesday as Xbox night. We tried it for a few weeks with GTA IV, meeting on Xbox Live at 8pm, and play together. The first session was just troubleshooting for people couldn’t connect. It took about 90 minutes of trying to get one guy in, games starting and getting restarted. Not much fun was had.

Then when it finally did work and GTA IV got boring we couldn’t settle on a new game. Imagine if you had a poker night and nobody really wanted to play poker, and you couldn’t decide what game to play in its place.2 That was Xbox night.

Xbox night died quickly. Now when I do play games I either see a few people on my friends list playing games by themselves or a couple of them playing without me. …but mostly I see that they’re on Netflix.

Maybe it really is better just to get guys together to drink and smoke.

  1. I don’t smoke. 

  2. On top of that, EVERYONE needs to own that game. With poker, only one person has to supply cards. 

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